Mexican food is a vibrant range of flavors, colors, spices and textures and here at Tortilla Quemada we prepare all of our food with one simple philosophy “respect the ingredients”. This means we take great care to coax out all those fresh, bright, spicy flavors that Mexican food is known and loved for. All our food in made fresh and we don’t use any prepacked or processed foods EVER. All tortillas, salsas, meats, fermented vegetables, sauces, desserts and breads are made in house by experienced hands that care. We don’t take any shortcuts and this is reflected in our menu. You won’t find simple ground beef or ground chicken used to stuff any of our signature tacos or other items.

You can chose from authentic meats prepared in the traditional ways to enjoy real Mexican favorites such as pork carnitas, carne asada, lamb barbacoa, pork al pastor, Mexican pork chorizo, chipotle pulled chicken, achiote grilled chicken and carne tinga. To further allow you to eat your favorite Mexican foods the way that you want them, we also offer a selection of 10 authentic salsas that cover wide ranges of flavors and spice levels.

We put hours of preparation into the core menu items to give you a wide range of flavors and choices that won’t disappoint. As a “Mexican Express” we put the time and effort into preparing all of our ingredients so that they may be assembled quickly and to your liking. We have worked for hours already so all you have to do is order and enjoy!

From all of us at Tortilla Quemada….Thank you for choosing us to get your Mexican food fix, we promise to treat your food right!